Abdul Rahman and Islam

Well let me clarify something. I am not in favor of killing anyone but If Afghanistan says the law is based on Shariah then what the Shariah says should be done.

One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that why interfere in some countries internal Affairs, Ohh well Afghanistan is already an American run country then they sure can. But if they preach Democracy and claim that Afghanistan is a democratic state then I guess they need to let the course of the law take its shape. I read quite a few blogs online about how savage is Islam and all that crap.

The God fearing Christians forget that it was them only who were part of the killing of thousands of people in the name of religion during the Crusades and Inquisitions. I never question the law of God as it has been in Islam. I would never do that and any respecting Muslim would also not question it. It is the law. If Abdur Rahman apostated and is proclaiming his faith just to incite people then he should be returned to Europe where he came from.

We need to realize that the case has been brought by his own family in the first place. It is not the government who arrested him just for that but he is the one who told repeatedly that he was a Christian and brought it on his own. It is like the case in USA right now. The law states if Zacarias Mossavi is responsible for the deaths of people then he should be put to death. No one will question that because the law states that. So in an Islamic country the law states that if a Muslim apostates then he is dealt according to the process.

It is funny we forget that US’s close allies like Saudi Arabia and quite a few of the rich oil states don’t allow preaching of any religion. Anyone caught preaching any other religion other than Islam is put in jail. So why be surprised about this afghan case. Hey if worse comes to worse, US can always use its covert ops teams to extract the dude. 🙂

Abdul Rahman

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