Another Interesting Take from a Sister

Interesting Collection from Al Muhajabah’s blogs

Here is some good commentary on the issue. First are some columns by non-Muslim journalists and commentators:

Double Jack’s Standards, by Mike Marqusee
Jack Straw’s veil comments threaten to inflame racism, by Socialist Worker
What Not to Wear, by Vikram Dodd
It’s a New and Dangerous Game, by Ian Bell

Here are some comments from British Muslim bloggers:

Open Season on Muslims, by Indigo Jo
Muslims as Political Footballs, by Thabet
The Polite Guide to Demonizing Muslims, by Julaybib
Blaming the Veil is Wrong, by Rajnaara Akhtar
Incitement to Hatred, by Soumaya Ghannoushi

Some people noted the following news story: Veil Snatched from Muslim Woman. Hopefully this is completely unrelated.

P.S. There is a difference of opinion among Muslims about whether the niqab is obligatory or voluntary (I believe the latter). Even those who consider it to be obligatory allow women to remove their niqabs for the purpose of verifying their identity (1, 2). This includes business dealings, giving testimony, and appearing in court. It’s not clear whether this would cover professional dealings with an MP and in any case, Straw didn’t mention verifying identity. I’ve also written about legal issues relating to face veils and about understanding the face veil.

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