At What Cost

The Bombing in Karachi was timed or not who cares. Is it worth the killing. I dont think so. I am a conservative muslim but the people who do such crimes are not muslim at all rather than being anything close to a human

These people who do these kind of acts should be shot in public. Like the encounters pakistani police used to do. Soo many people dead just to get an american diplomat. Where do the teachings of islam go now. These people have nothing to do with Islam.

If you want to make a difference work towards educating yourself and then see how the perspective changes. The prophet didnt attack or did suicide attacks on Mecca. He was patient and taught his teachings to ensure a future where he didnt have to fight.

At what cost are these people willing to reach their blind objective. I dont think there is anything in the world that can help or make their targets acheived. Is the blood of a human that cheap that it can be wasted soo easily.

Well i hope before these mindless tyrants do anything illegal again they are wiped out of the face of Earth. Ameen.

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