BBC Urdu and Sexuality

I have been following up with the new articles on the BBC Urdu website about Sexuality, they are trying to enter a so called NO-GO area of Pakistani society. the stories either true or false give us an insight into the society of Pakistani which has existed for long in the Islamic Republic. the question is not that if they are right or wrong but the question is that does this portray the majority of the pakistani culture. I personally think this doesn’t. I think this shows the society that is the elite but not the masses. Buying 11,000 rupees per gram of cocaine is not a common man’s wish as it is too expensive and the common man might make 11,000 rupees for the whole month or two months.

so Does this series portray anything other than elites or the upper middle class of Pakistani society, i don’t think so. I am not denying that these kind of perversive social aspect don’t exist in lower class Pakistani citizens but it is not something that we are proud of or go around telling people. The down fall of the great nation of Andalusia tells us about factors that led to the disappearance of Muslim Spain. among these factors were the openness of such issues like sexuality and perversive actions which became a standard. It became “COOL” to talk about these issues openly and the concept of Sharam or Haya (Urdu) was lost.

I don’t preach that these topics shouldn’t be talked about but talking about these matters in such a manner is not the ideal solution. Islam has given us a very easy framework about these issues. The issues and talks about these matters exists and the way to approach them. To me the articles in the BBC are no more than a compilation of Pornographic stories. It seems they are trying to make the effort to westernize the Pakistani nation faster than anyone. Sadly BBC has a following and i am among the ones who religiously read BBC URDU but seeing the direction they are taking it seems that i wont be a follower anymore :(.

BBC Sexuality Series

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