Beard in Islamic Republic of Pakistan's Armed Forces

I just read an article online on BBC urdu Ofcourse. it is amazing to see this kinda crap happening in pakistan.

they fired an Airforce Officer for giving out Quran with urdu trans, they ground Airforce pilots for having beards, They fire people for things like this?? What kind of Armed forces we want, the ones who fight for secularism or for Islam for which pakistan was created.

They had an interesting take on it saying that Pilots cannot fly with beards due to requirements for a mask with oxygen but the pilots in question were trained in usa and they had gotten no objection in USA for anything like that but in pakistan it seems we are trying to eliminate the essence of pakistan from the armed forces which is Islam. We should remember if we go on a path like this then we have no right to call Army personnel Shaheed or Ghazi as they are islamic terms and Allah’s help comes to those who defend his religion not make a mockery of it.

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