Bush in Paksitan

As a very democratic country we might want to show that pakistan welcomes the trip of the US president and as Mr Bush said that he did not fear terrorism. But in a very known move the govt of pakistan decided to close all schools for two days in islamabad. They also decided to lock down most of the sity just to make sure the security appratus doesnt fall apart.
It is interesting to see in pakistan whenever they need to kill some social service they will kill education and health. Islamabad will be in a total lockdown mode and nothing will be allowed in or out.
Does this show how much of a control Mr Musharraf (or as he is known in rest of the world as Busharraf) has now on his on own country where he rules with an iron fist. Sadly this is a situation where everyday it becomes worse for the people. Now students are deprived of the basic education they need because the American President is visiting. I dont recall Delhi closing their schools or Hyderabad in india doing the same.
Islamabad Airport is closed on friday, people are told to get to work in islamabad before 8 or all roads will be closed, All Hotels in islamabad are now emptied and the roads leading to the Diplomatic enclave are also blocked. Wow what a sense of security. They are also thinking of jamming the Mobile Phone Networks for the whole city during the arrival and departure of the Preseident.

I can understand security but this is an overkill. I dont think the American President needs to come to pakistan if it is going to cost millions and loss of daily life for the resident of the twin cities.

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