cant people ever grow up

I would presume when you are above the age of 24, you have matured enough to carry out an interesting conversation or keep quite if you have no idea abotu the subject matter. But it is amazing people who are married and not married but old enough, some how manage to ignore that they sound wrong and confusioing when they speak. sometimes it is obvious that they are trying to speak about a matter which they have no knowledge about.
what is wrong with such people, do they think that by stating a comment about anything without knowledge people will respect them, infact the opposite is true for them. People think bad of them.

Same goes for people who want to jump into conversations and use some key words to try to make people believe that they are DA BOMB (or simple english TOO COOL).

common guys, it is like that snickers add where the dude is wearing the snickers on his head and his co workers tell him that you are not going to fool us, they know he is bald.

so to all the people who act smart on topics which they have no idea about.
COMMON GUYS, get some snickers and eat it. you are not going to fool me

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