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Ramadan is Coming

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So Ramadan is nearly a week or so away, i am freaking out now, Last year also i think I couldnt give my 100% during Ramadan and now it is the same. I pray I am able to put my self in a position where i am able to do every normal Muslim can do Inshallah. It is going to be a great month, spend time with my family, read Tafsir/Quran and Inshallah complete a book. Not sure where i will go for Taraweeh but Inshallah it will be fun…read more


Stick it to the Pakistanis

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Stick it more i say, Pakistanis need to be pushed to the limit to realize how to work for their country and get rid of likes of Zardari, Sharif and everyone else. The problem with¬†Pakistanis¬†is that we will live in our cocoon and let the leaders of the country get away with everything. Pakistan cannot be fixed without the people rising up and taking care of the corrupt, Leaders are strong because the masses are weak, if someone would deal with corrupt politicians in a matter that sets an example…read more


How long can we wait (A view from over there)

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Pakistan needs to be liberated, either by hook or crook, in my opinion either the Libyan style rebellion or a saner solution which I think is Imran khan. There is a lot of talk about Imran khan right now; his popularity is increasing much to the dismay of Zardari-Sharif and Co. But there are many who still doubt his leadership and qualities. You can always find plenty of articles or news segments about him in negative light from various news outlets, some call him a Taliban Sympathizer or some call…read more


Bahrain (a thought)

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  This is a very confused rant which I put down in writing, I just didn’t know how to gather all facts and write them. So just read it. Initially I had been very much appalled by the news of the crackdown on the Bahraini Demonstrators; I thought, here was another regime that was trying to put down dissent. I was actively posting stories about how bad it was on my face book profile until I decided to take a step back and look at the whole geo political situation….read more


Mukhtaran Mai

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  The case and the verdict in Mukhtaran Mai is very sad state of affairs of Pakistan. What is even sadder is that the judiciary is being held responsible for the failure to deliver justice. I may not be an expert but it seems people who are holding the judiciary responsible (liberals, Feminists and other judiciary bashers from the current government in Pakistan) keep forgetting that the judge can only pass a judgment on facts and evidence presented to him/her in the court of law. They have to be unbiased…read more


Politics (A rant)

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When i came to the USA some 10 odd years ago, i witnessed the first election in 2000; it was closely fought and very controversial. I looked at the election from a distance as i was working odd jobs and trying to make a living. From what i saw from far was a noble system that was working so well for the people. I would think then that this is the way Pakistan needs to be at, with elections held and results handled so well (although the results that year…read more