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73 Years

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I wrote this last year but never posted it. today is the 73rd year of the independence of Pakistan. The country I left as 19 years old looking for a better future. I did find religion and a future but being away from Pakistan left a gaping hole in my personality. this will be something I need to come to terms with but alhamdulillah I was born in Pakistan and lived as a Pakistani and still love Pakistan. what religion gave me was a sense of no nationalism. Islam doesn’t…read more



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The time is 1997 and I am preparing for my FSc. I would stay up all night and study and sleep during the day. this kept on happening for months before the actual exams. I had the rangeela songs for my entertainment. it was winter in Islamabad and was cold at night. but hoping to score the best results for FSc kept me going. there are moments when you hear or smell something and it brings back a lot of memories. It could be the smell of flowers while walking…read more


Mukhtaran Mai

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  The case and the verdict in Mukhtaran Mai is very sad state of affairs of Pakistan. What is even sadder is that the judiciary is being held responsible for the failure to deliver justice. I may not be an expert but it seems people who are holding the judiciary responsible (liberals, Feminists and other judiciary bashers from the current government in Pakistan) keep forgetting that the judge can only pass a judgment on facts and evidence presented to him/her in the court of law. They have to be unbiased…read more