Democracy (What the Heck)

what does Democracy means, hmmm i dont feel like taking the meaning out of the Dictionary but it would be something along “right to elect leaders by the people” but guess what it is all wrong, it is a not true it actually is “Govt elected by the people which conforms to the ideology of the foreign super Powers”. now why would i say that, why would i torment the dead romans or Greeks who came up with this beautiful way of life, because it is a sham in these days, if you elect a govt which represent the people’s will but that doesn’t conform to the Ideas and foreign policy of the super power then it is not a democratic govt.

Hamas is an Example, they are elected but not accepted in the whole world, then on the other hand a forced democratic government like the Pakistani hand picked leaders by the military Leaders is accepted as the democratic government, same is true for Burma but it is not a Democracy but a Military Dictatorship and same goes for the Thais now. hmm i think we should put in every constitution of every country of the world that “After elections, the govt should get a Thumbs up or down from the super power of the world”, it might save the country a lot of chaos and bloodshed, which can occur when the super power decides to interfere and get a govt of their liking.

I can think of i guess every muslim friendly country to the west that has a dictatorship (Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Libya) but i guess the West only has problems with Iran, Syria and Somalia.

What double Standards!!

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