First meeting

It was a Friday and I was getting ready to go for Jumah Prayer. This was five days after returning from Pakistan and I was all excited about life ahead. As I worked and the prepared to leave, my company President showed up in my room, I knew him very well and had some serious discussions on religion with him. He came to me and said “Rubeel I want you to meet someone”. He took me the office of the VP, by this time I was very naive about what was going on. As I approached the room, I realized that why would the president want me to meet anyone. Again, I dismissed the idea of some foul play and walked in the room.

There were two men inside the room who asked me to sit on a chair. As my company’s president left the room, I realized that the chair I was being asked to sit on was a corner chair and I cannot walk out of the room even if I wanted to. As this thought flashed in my mind, the two men flashed their badges and introduced themselves as Special Agents with the FBI.

Rest is history 🙁 ……

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