Get Real about AQ Khan

I knew some family friends who worked at the Kahuta Research Labs (KRL) or AQ Khan Labs. I remember every morning the Military Vans would come and take them to the KRL. The Street they lived on had quite a few Scientists from KRL living and the street had an ISI check post there to keep an eye on who came and who didn’t. These facilities were closely monitored and run by the Pakistani Military. Every step taken was either taken with the help of the military or under the military’s watchful eyes.

Then after the whole So Called AQ Khan ring was busted I started thinking how this guy can cause all this trouble. AQ Khan always had a military escort with him. He was also taken care of by the military. It is impossible for the Doctor to do anything on his own. What is very visible is that he took another fall for the nation as he did for the last so many years for Pakistan. He is a true hero and Pakistani military under the current dictator/president decided that was the best course of action to blame one man for something which he didn’t do. AQ Khan didn’t build the missiles for the personal use. They were built for the military who wanted them. He didn’t make the nukes so he can take them home. I am sure he was ordered by the military to acquire the missiles from North Korea and give them the know how of the nukes. Further he must have traveled thru China with the military’s knowing to North Korea. Iran and Libya must have been given the plans to ensure a nuclear capable Muslim block in the world.
We have to remember that Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world to possess nukes. Iran might be on its way to be the second one but not yet. AQ Khan had always worked with the military on such issues. The military aircrafts carried all the personnel and engineers to nuclear sites. The access was controlled by the military, it is impossible to think that the top brass of the military didn’t know anything about what Dr AQ Khan was up to.

Other than that I like millions of Pakistanis think that AQ Khan is a national hero. Not for selling or getting the know how of nuclear program to other countries but for giving Pakistan the courage to be a nation who can stand up for herself. Whatever the west says or does about AQ Khan, I can guarantee that he will live in the hearts of the Pakistani people as the only Hero who was disgraced by the govt but not the People. It is said that his health is deteriorating these days but I pray Allah gives him a long life and give Pakistan many more like him. Ameen.

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