GW Poem

I came across the poem that has been causing a lot of stir in Pakistan. It is amazing to just try to understand that the Ministry of Education will look at provoking the public in such a manner. Pakistanis don’t feel very high about USA and then the policies of the current establishment have not helped in improving its image with War in Iraq and Afghanistan. To make the matters worse the government of Pakistan decided to add this poem to the syllabi of the 11 grade student. One thing they don’t realize is that the high school students are the most emotionally charged and explosive among the different groups in Pakistan. They are at the forefront of all demonstrations and such activities.
The poem if included maybe in the earlier grades might not have caused such uproar but it had to be included in the books for the grade 11. I don’t know what the education ministry was thinking. Maybe they had the thought of testing the public. “Let’s see if this Poem will piss the Pakistani people off”.

What should we expect next a poem about Israel. I am sure that will get the people’s attention.

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