Hate for Islam

I am very much convinced that this issue with Prophet’s Cartoon has opened up a new window into the west. Muslims always believed the view put out by the west that the west was very tolerant and calm, they have proven this wrong sometime back.
My constant search on Technorati.com for blogs relating to islam resulted in blogs which are pure Hate against Islam or prophet. They will speak about free speech and crap but they dont realise that it is not free speech. Free speech is only when it has something to do with Modern Western Values, this can include thinking other countries and cultures to be degrading and insulting them.
What is not free speech includes “questioning free socities immoral values, their governments, Illegal wars initiated by them and many more”.

Needless to say it is very clear that Muslims and Islam is hated very much all across the board by non-muslims. It was just one incident that removed this veil from the true actions of the these people.

To top this off the whole deal with the UAE company came forward and now it is an Arab country and people dont want anything from an arab country in their ports. But they dont have a problem with their #rd Naval Fleet based there or Military bases there. Isnt it just hate..

I am sure you are thinking what crap am i talking about but here are some simple search on islam. look at this Search.
See this link and see how much of Islam hate is out there.

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