How long can we wait (A view from over there)

Pakistan needs to be liberated, either by hook or crook, in my opinion either the Libyan style rebellion or a saner solution which I think is Imran khan. There is a lot of talk about Imran khan right now; his popularity is increasing much to the dismay of Zardari-Sharif and Co. But there are many who still doubt his leadership and qualities. You can always find plenty of articles or news segments about him in negative light from various news outlets, some call him a Taliban Sympathizer or some call him outright Fundamentalist. I won’t get into these discussions as it is fruitless.

Imran Khan is miles ahead of any political Leader currently aspiring to lead Pakistan, be it the usual suspects of PML (N and Q), PPP or ANP. These parties over the last many decades have proven one thing only, “they are not fit to lead Pakistan”. PPP and PML (N) have been tested twice, PMLQ has been tested once with Musharraf, all these parties have one thing in common, ” they are opportunist and prefer to make the masters happy and the public sad”. Imran Khan on the other hand is a fresh mind and a new experience, he has been on the sidelines for too long and this has worked to his advantage. This time has been a blessing in disguise, it has helped him formulate his policies and sharpen his thoughts about how he wants to lead the country out of its current mess. Rather than making deals he has stuck to principles (much to the dismay of many) and stayed clear of situations where he would have ended up like every other political leader (Lotay is my thought here). He is the only leader who can boast about truly helping the real Pakistanis, From Namal University to Shaukat Khanam, from his time as MNA from the district in Mianwali to PTI’s programs for the poor. Imran doesn’t represent himself; he is the front man to a party which is full of people like Imran Khan. It is the senior leadership and the party workers; they all aspire to be like Imran Khan, who has done everything to make Pakistanis proud. He has been successful in every thing he has been part of, World Cup Cricket, Best Cancer care hospital in Asia and Higher Education for everyone (Namal University). Imran Khan is not alone in this; PTI is full of people who think along the lines of what Imran Khan thinks.

I am currently outside Pakistan; I look at Pakistan from a different perspective than how people might view it from inside Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis do feel strongly about Pakistan and its future. It is not comfortable to see where Pakistan is heading. The view from over here is not very pleasing and this decent into the darkness needs to stop before we cross the point of no Return. Imran Khan is the only choice for Pakistan. If we miss this chance then we will forever be sorry to our future generations.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Imran Khan but above all i have had a chance to meet members of PTI’s Central Executive Committee. These people are extraordinary folks; they are professionals in their field, patriot Pakistanis and above all normal people who care. They care for the common Pakistani, the everyday laborers, the folks who can’t afford bread at the end of the day, the kids who can’t get admission into the university, parents who can’t provide medical care of their family. They want to make a change that will benefit the future generations of Pakistan, benefit Pakistan and stand up for Pakistan when it is threatened. I met some of the CEC members in America, although i have seen how the political leaders from other parties come and go in luxury, the servants of the servants of current government ministers get to spend the tax rupees on luxuries that we in the west cannot think of, on the other hand Every PTI official i have met in USA including Imran Khan and CEC members, they all travelled humbly and without any pomp and show. They talk about Pakistan and exist for its better future.  I would invite you all to go online to and read about PTI, its manifesto, ask questions on forum and if you think Imran Khan will make a difference then convince your friends, family and relatives to join PTI and make a better future for our future generations.


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