How to make Pakistanis Happy 101

Get Cricket involved. Well ofcourse pakistan didnt get anything out of the trip from the US president GW Bush but hey he knew how to make pakistanis happy, he knew they were angry over the Nuclear deal with India, with all the offers made to india and what did he give pakistan.

Well he showed interest in Cricket. Yaeeeyyy, he knows the nation is a sucker for cricket and if he met the captain and vice captain, played a ball or two, All in the safety of the US Embassy (The safest palce in pakistan) he will be able to reach out to the hearts of the Pakistanis. I bet he did also.

I gotta give it to GW, i never saw this coming but who ever came up with the idea of keeping the pakistanis busy with sports and india with good stuff is the smartest person on the Bush’s team.

Hats off to you.

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