Islam on autopilot

Living in qatar is a blessing. But if you are not careful you will fall in the trap of letting islam go on autopilot. Salat is a norm. Enough masjid around except if ur in the pearl. So u won’t miss Salat but other than that everything is an extra effort which one doesn’t realize cuz “I am in a Muslim country” mentality will lead you to do everything that you didnt do back home. So be careful, hangout with the right company. Spend time with family and try ur best to be on the right path. One thing that I realized is that everyone is a Muslim here and that leads you to trust people cuz of Islam. But there are enough back stabbers around. The guy you might pray with might be your downfall. It is not back home where people who came to the masjid actually made an effort to come and pray (unless you work for law enforcement and you came for something else :)) people here are all Muslims but all flavors of personalities also. Don’t have high expectations.

may Allah make us better Muslims.

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