Jalwa of the Pakistani People

There are times when you have nothing to say and nothing to discuss, but there are times when you have so many topics in your mind and you don’t know which one to give time to. Pakistan has been going through hell of a time recently and I have been a silent observer to all this mayhem and chaos.

Missing the demonstration in front of the embassy was a mistake on my part and I do regret it, I know in minds of many Pakistanis, there are thought like “I can’t alone make a difference” or “what is happening in Pakistan is usual, nothing new”

I will confess that I also had these thoughts in my mind and some other circumstances made me not go to the demonstration, but at least there is regret on my part.

“At least I am not at the Jalwa watching Haroon and the fashion show”

The downfall of Musharraf started when he decided to sack the CJ in May 2006 but now it seems he is more like a mad man, rather than a sane normal human being. A Mad man who is bent upon saving his skin and his dictatorship, listening to his interviews remind me of the dictators in the Ex soviet states or South America. They think in their mind that they are the best for the country when 99% of the public might disagree. Whatever the case is, the fire has been burning long enough and it is time that Pakistani People decided their own fate.

“At least they won’t be watching the Jalwa with Haroon and a fashion show”

Either Pakistanis in America are really naive or just plain old careless about Pakistan. I came to realize this over the week when Mr. Haroon (the singer from Pakistan) is apearing in a fashion show in George mason University under the umbrella of Pakistan Students Association. Do we really have time for this crap or patience for this? I have written on several occasions to PSA to come to their senses about the situation in Pakistan and hold a rally against Musharraf but they decided to hold Jalwa.

“I guess they love watching the Jalwa with Haroon and a fashion show than the reality on the ground in Pakistan”

What does Pakistan owe us, I have been thinking about this question, I know we are US Citizens in most cases but does the country of our parents owe us anything, after thinking a lot I realized in my case and almost all of the other American Pakistanis also,”We owe Pakistan our identity”. I guess to most at the Jalwa, Pakistan only matters in the music, Girls and flying a Pakistani flag and nothing more, do we as Pakistani Americans really care about Pakistan?

“I am sure we at least care about watching the Jalwa with Haroon and the fashion show accompanying it”

The Jalwa needed here is an action by the Pakistani community to come out and tell the embassy or the other people supporting Mad Man Musharraf that this is not right. What hurts more is when non Pakistanis come to a demonstration to show support for the people of Pakistan rather their Pakistani themselves!

“ohh well they had better things to do like being at the Jalwa watching Haroon and the fashion show”

These kind of actions show the reality about us, the Pakistani people, we are really

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