K2 Base Camp

I have become obsessed with the trek to K2 base camp. it seems that it has come to the point where I am not able to see beyond it. I even dreamt about it. I have imagined standing at Concordia and looking at the majestic view of the 4 eight-thousanders and being in awe of it.

Panorama from this http://www.mountainsoftravelphotos.com/

My interest in hiking and exploring has peaked since I got more involved in Boy Scouts of America. Last year at this point was completing my Woodbadge training at Gilwell in UK.

So off to new adventures. I had planned to make this K2 base-camp trip this year but thanks for Corona, it didnt happen. Inshallah 2021 is the year for this trek and i pray i am able to make it with my Son.

Maybe some scouts will show up for it.

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