Karachi and Pakistan (A Solution)

When we hit a 1000 dead then maybe we will do something about it. Until then we will just sit and watch. I don’t get it, Pakistan as a nation had become so ineffective that we can’t even fix our own house. I think the word castrated comes to mind.
Our Armed forces can’t deal with the issues of security, Pakistani people are confused about whom to ask for help, we hate American help but can’t live without it. It is like a drug addict in denial that he/she is a drug addict but keeps taking them. The nation as a whole cannot seem to decide what we need. I feel we are like ME, when I want to study, I just around topics and subjects, never able to concentrate on anything. Pakistani nation is exactly like me, they can’t seem to decide what to do. Here are few steps I think that would solve this issue.

  1. Instruct the Pakistani Army and Security agencies to do a full crackdown in Karachi, be it MQM, JI, ANP or anyone, they get arrested and dealt with.
  2. At the same time, issue Arrest warrants through Interpol for Altaf Hussein, Balouch leaders in exile.
  3. Increase the salary for security agencies and paramilitary agencies by double or triple of the budget, same for the staff at jails.
  4. Reduce the salary of the Politicians by half and also take away 80% of their perks.
  5. Sell off government unused property to generate revenue to cover this all for 1 year.

Then what we do are a couple of years of planning.

  1. Kick out CIA and backwater type agencies from Pakistan for good.
  2. Cut the military budget by 40 percent and put that money one year in education, then in Infrastructure and then in health. This should help in stabilizing the needs that are overlooked for the last many years.
  3. Start collecting taxes, once the revenues are coming in then we can spend it, otherwise World Bank is standing outside the door to make us slaves.
  4. Decrease the Armed forces by 20%.
  5. Land reforms to get rid of this Feudals, cut the maximum amount of land owned by 70%.
  6. Ehtesaab Bureau to be inducted under the judiciary rather than the government appointed agency.

I can keep on going talking about some common sense stuff that can be done about Pakistan but I am sure everyone can come up with these ideas except the losers who sit in power in Islamabad, they can just figure out to give awards to their supporters in national Assembly to keep the government from not working.
I know what would happen to us if these guys will stay in power. DOOMED is the word that comes to mind :(. Inshallah Allah will rid these losers of Pakistan, I can only pray and vote for Imran Khan 🙂



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