Kiran Desai claims Booker title

You gotta give it to the Indian Immigrants who have acheieved these high standards. It is soo hard to find an Ex Pakistani who gets ahead in any field except Terror related. The last guy who actually did something and pakistan got some recognition was Dr Abdus Salam. Although Pakistanis did take some credit but later he was discredited as he was an Ahmadi.

So when can we have a major recognition of personnel based on acheievements in Arts and Sciences, well it wont be any time new. The number of accredited universities in pakistan amount to 49 Public and 36 Private universities. Well this statistic is very sad for a country of

165 Million, look at India with a 1006 with 1 Billion. This is very bad for the nation as a whole as we cannot advance in any field due to lack of institution producing scientists and experts in every field. We cannot compete with India in the fields of Aeronautical, Nuclear or Social Sciences unless there is a sincere effort to get more and more institutions established.

I can tell u from personal experience that after finishing my FSc (not in flying Colors) i was not able to get admission into any university. I successfully failed entrance into NUST, FAST, GIKI and Airforce but was accepted into Islamic University. A 1000 students showed up for the entrance exam at Islamic University and they only have 95 Seats. What happens to the rest of the 900 students, who on not getting admission into a good school are deprived of a future.

This lack of education institutions give rise to unemployemnt and lack of a future for all the individuals who come out of high school hopeing for a better tomorrow. I hope we can see some solid steps towards a better future for all these individuals as education is the only way to make pakistan a better place.

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