So the layoffs news has been hot for a week, then it actually happened. The day is a heavy day. it feels like a horrible accident has happened and news of casualties is trickling in.

The morning starts with “Is it happening today”

the mid of the day is a tally of up to this many people have been laid off.

The Day ends with “It’s a depressing day”

The irony in all this is that fact I cannot see the logic behind it. There is the reason of budget cuts but the process is crude and merciless. What about the aspect of Ramadan, Seriously, we are destroying people’s Eid with the stress of Job Loss and no future.

The people let go are leaving Gaps behind in the operations that cannot be filled easily, they might end up hiring people again to fill the same gaps.

not sure what is going on but it is not good.

Maybe this fits in with the greater issue in the region, the Blockade but it is sad and depressing. the whole charm of moving to MiddleEast is off me. Maybe one more adventure and back home.

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