Mortgaging Children to barely survive in Indian Kashmir

BBC Link

Also this times of india link

Saw this report on BBC Urdu. Very depressing. India has become one of the biggest economies and leaders in Asia but after i read this article about how people in kashmir cannot afford to live and the govt doesnt help them, they have resorted to selling their childern. It is a very depressing story and reading that made me realise that life is not that sweet all the time.
I can sit here enjoy life when dilip singh from one of the villages had to get 12000 rupees against 2 of his kids. It is amazing to see when we always tend to see the sweet side of india all the time. we have the Lakme Fashion shows, India’s Booming IT industry and the strong 300 Million strong workforce and the economy that makes you wonder, but then we see tragic stories like this.
This not a one person selling their kids but it is a whole market setup. Not one two or three but quite a few families selling their kids for prices ranging from 2000 rupees to 15000 rupees.

This is utter disgusting and depressing.

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