Nuclear Iran

Well I am not going to speculate about a nuclear Iran, It was definitely be a problem for Muslims (Sunni I mean) who dont like Iran. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan I am sure won’t be happy with that fact. Maybe they might even help USA some how covert to stop Tehran from getting closer to a full nuclear program. Shias in Pakistan are a minority and so are they in Saudi Arabia; A Nuclear Iran will help those minority get stronger.

Well I didn’t start the blog about this issue but as I was thinking of a possibility of an attack on Iran from USA, it will do a lot of opposite things that USA wouldn’t want. What am I talking about, well if GW decides to attack Iran that will result in the unthinkable i.e. Unite the Muslims.

Think about this, this will be the platform for Muslims, Sunni or Shia to come together to condemn USA. This will also bring them together to form anti US alliances in the Middle East which is exactly what the USA doesn’t want. So I guess Mr. Bush now you are at a cross roads, you have to protect Israel but can’t afford a united Muslim nations. The US policy and officials have to walk a very fine line on this issue. Israel and US strategic interests go way back and so does the distrust between Shia Sunnis. If the attack does happen, this will push Muslim to come together who won’t care if they are Shia or Sunni but their common ground will be hatred of US Policy.
Then it won’t be hard to imagine people like Zarqavi getting training and resources from Iran, they will open flood gates of problems for the Middle East rather than just USA.

Countries like Pakistan can get trouble and might not be a favorable please for a US friendly government. If Iran becomes hostile then Pakistan has to worry about unfriendly countries from most of its borders, they include Iran, India and Afghanistan. Currently internal problems in Pakistan are causing for them to rethink their policies, Balouch and NWFP problems and Army’s involvement is causing an ever deteriorating problem from getting stable to getting worse. In such scenarios Pakistan might not be able to handle another fiasco in the Middle East, i.e. Iran.

So I guess we can hope and pray that nothing like that happens. Inshallah :). But Bush will have to keep a cool mind and try to work with Iran.

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