Only can Happen in a Democracy

While reading BBC Urdu I came across the news article about Indian CBI(Indian FBI) arrested High ranking Army officials over misusing state secrets.

While reading this I just couldn’t stop thinking about if this could ever happen in Pakistan. I guess NOT.

We have to realize that the Army owns Pakistan, unless and until there is true democracy. Do you remember the time when once Police man tried to stop an Army Captain in Multan and he ended up being beaten severely or the case when some poor Police Man tried to stop an Army Colonel’s car for passing a Red Light (Although he was beaten by the driver as the colonel was not even there). So do we think that the Civil Administration or any Civil Department can ever investigate army personnel in Pakistan, I don’t think so.

It will be a great day if we ever can put the Military Brass in their right place. I am not against them, infect I did apply for commission in the Air force but never got into it. It seems that the system is so corrupted that it will need a big mandate and a decision on the part of the Pakistani, if they want this change.

Inshallah as Allah swt has said that he is the best planner so everything that is coming to pass for Pakistanis will eventually end up in betterment for the whole society. Inshallah

The News Article is here

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