Politics (A rant)

When i came to the USA some 10 odd years ago, i witnessed the first election in 2000; it was closely fought and very controversial. I looked at the election from a distance as i was working odd jobs and trying to make a living. From what i saw from far was a noble system that was working so well for the people. I would think then that this is the way Pakistan needs to be at, with elections held and results handled so well (although the results that year were decided by the supreme court very much in USA (Gore vs. Bush))

Muslims were very happy with the results, Gore had chosen a pro-israel politician to be his running mate and when bush defeated him, it was all cheers.

Well i am not going to talk about Muslims and USA or anything but coming back to my original point about the noble electoral system, i was fascinated. Later on i got a job where i had to commute 1 hour every day and i would listen to CSPAN Radio every morning. This was in 2003-2004 election season. By this time i have had some time and learned about the political system. As the election got closer, it became clearer that the system was as dirty as i had left behind in Pakistan. Politicians don’t work for their constituents, but they work for the party. Right or wrong, the party line was used to vote on critical issues and decisions that impacted citizens every day.

Attack campaigns and much uncivilized manner of political wrangling, use of lobbyists and many more dirty tricks were used to win elections, defeat bills and play the politics game. It is very interesting for me that in the last 10 years or so, i have seen the American society disintegrate into religious and liberal groups. This division was never this clear before but now it is clearer than before. The ads on TV now a day are based on lies, deceitful statements and religion. Is this is the United States of American or United States of Christian America?

Recently reading a book on a troublesome event in the history of Muslims, Siege of Mecca was about taking over the holiest place for Muslims by extremists, the author in the end had emphasized that after defeating the terrorists/extremists, the Saudi government gave in to their demands and adopted what they wanted to force on the society. It seems that after defeating the confederates in the civil war, the US government had adopted a lot of their extreme agendas and defeating them was nothing but a makeup with the extreme right. I think the reminiscence of those extreme are now part of Republicans.

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