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Muslims Wake Up, which was the blog name I saw on some site, which had a lot of interesting blogs and forum links. Well the title is not accurate; it should be Progressive Muslims Wake Up.
I realize that there is a lot of stuff that happens in the Muslim world which has nothing to do with Islam. Honor Killings are not Islamic, women are honored in Islam. Honor killing is a cultural aspect, not an Islamic tradition. Polygamy is a fact in Islam but if and only if you can do justice with your spouses and not violate their rights. Shariah and Hadood are a fact and should be prescribed in a Muslim country. Homosexuality is forbidden in the Quran and it is an act not welcome in any religion. There are so many things I can write here but I will put a stop to it.

I just imagine if the prophet was here during this time, what his opinion would be. Well he will not be happy with overall Muslims. They are not united or strong. They are fighting among themselves in so many sects. Muslims prefer non Muslims each other. Muslim’s love for the world is greater than for their own salvation. So many problems that exist in the Muslim societies but I just want to talk about one. i.e. Progressive Muslims

I am not a religious authority or not even enough learned about Islam but I can see a problem if there is one. Progressive Muslims have gotten a lot of attention in the recent years, due to their defiance of the Men’s dominance of Islam. A lot of women are spearheading this effort but men are also equally involved. Islam has never discouraged women’s role but the societies have done that very much. Islam came to give women rights in a society that never gave any to women.

Women leading the jumah and a lot of Muslims (men or women) praying behind them together.
Accepting Homosexuality in Islam.
No respect for Hijab.

I don’t know I was never brought up in a society that was conservative. My family was very liberal and I think I am still very liberal. But what is wrong is wrong. If I say the earth is flat, it doesn’t become flat or if I believe that it doesn’t become flat. Facts are facts, Islam has a lot of history and that history has been preserved maybe for days like this when people try to change Islam for their convenience.

If having illegitimate relations and having a child out of wedlock is acceptable in the society then I feel that we have reached that threshold which was told in the ahadith about days before the Day of Judgment.
Islam teaches us good things and noble aspects of human personality. If you believe in God you should obey the word of Allah. Let’s not try to find ways out of his laws. As the children of Israel did to fish on Fridays but not on the Sabbath and what happened to them is in the Quran. I guess we should learn from those lessons and ask Allah for forgiveness.

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