Question for Pakistanis

Although i should make it clear that i dont support Mr. Sharif or Mohtarma or Musharraf but i just thought would ask this question to my fellow pakistanis in general.

Arent we tired of all the three above. Whoever supports mr Sharif, i can say he did some good but not all. I was in pakistan as a student and i support his actions for the Nuclear Testing, Motorway projects and stuff but do we forget what happened with Supereme Court Judges, Cheif of Election Comissioner, Importing luxary cars by cancelling duty for a day and then enforcing the duty back on, Qarz utaroo Mulk Sunwaroo money which pakistanis collected at his call, his political partners who were corrupt.

I can rant same kinda info about PPP or MQM or MMA or any political party. I just get amazed at people who want Bibi or sharif’s back in power, how do we forget so fast about what happened and the corruption these person’s government had. I see all those die hard party workers who want to die to their leader but they seem to forget that during their time also wrong was done.

I am not trying to create a provocation just an intellectual arguement about this issue. Help me understand that why Mr. Sharif/Bibi/Any one current in the political spectrum is good.

The last good govt in my lifetime was the interim govt under Mairaj Khalid which actually did work for pakistan although for a very short time.

So rather than trying to prove me wrong or anything please help me understand why anyone in the political spectrum, either they be Choudhry’s, Wadeeray, Generals, Sardars or any Fuedal be accepted as our leaders of pakistan when they are so distant from the actual pakistani person.

No offence meant, just want intellectual conversation.

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