Ramadan is Coming

So Ramadan is nearly a week or so away, i am freaking out now, Last year also i think I couldnt give my 100% during Ramadan and now it is the same. I pray I am able to put my self in a position where i am able to do every normal Muslim can do Inshallah.
It is going to be a great month, spend time with my family, read Tafsir/Quran and Inshallah complete a book. Not sure where i will go for Taraweeh but Inshallah it will be fun 🙂
Ramadan is the month when Quran was sent down. it is the month during which Battle of Badr took place, it is the month when the night of Qadr comes, This night is equivalent to 1000 months. A night that cannot be missed and inshallah will not be missed.
I look forward to this month and I pray that i get this month and many more in future.

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