The time is 1997 and I am preparing for my FSc. I would stay up all night and study and sleep during the day. this kept on happening for months before the actual exams. I had the rangeela songs for my entertainment. it was winter in Islamabad and was cold at night. but hoping to score the best results for FSc kept me going.

there are moments when you hear or smell something and it brings back a lot of memories. It could be the smell of flowers while walking back from school and walking parallel to F-9 Park or could be the sound of a bird that brings back the green belt area between F-10 and E-10 Area. so the song for Rangeela kind of hit me. I was browsing thru some YouTube videos and came across the song. it sent chills through my spine. maybe it unlocked the memories or the feelings that I had during that time. I felt the coldness of the winter in 97-98 or the coffee that I would make and drink at night when I did start studying. it just brought back a river of memories.

Good times when the life was infront and the possibilities were unlimited.

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