Return of the Taliban

One of my favorite programs “Frontline” just had a report of Taliban insurgence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is very interesting and thought provoking documentary. Although it does put a lot of blame on Pakistan but I personally think it is not balanced reporting rather biased against Pakistan.

Pakistan has been working hard to counter Al Qaida and Taliban recently. Although Americans sitting in the comfort of their homes might think there is nothing being done. The ground reality in Pakistan is very different, Pakistan has to deal with the home grown issues and then tend to the Afghan problems which the Afghan Govt has failed to deal with. When Everyone fails, they start pointing fingers at Pakistan and the ISI for the current issues in that part of the world.

But it is to be seen that the current apparatus of the Military which has been handling these issues, has been very effective against Al Qaida and Taliban. I never support Musharraf for his handling of the country but to blame Pakistan for failures from the lack of leadership in Afghanistan, the refusal to handle warlords and social problems will lead to problems in the Afghan Areas. Pakistan has nothing to do with these issues but they can get away with blaming Pakistan for it.

The tribal Areas in question always have been Semi Autonomous and they will be for the foreseeable future. Pakistan owes a great debt to the tribes in the tribal areas, as they fought for Kashmir right after independence and offered their services when our own Cheif of Army Lord MountBatten refused to do so.

It is funny to criticize Pakistan when similar issues like Northern Ireland are dealt politically rather than by force. But I think in the coming days we will see what the actual policy of the US Govt is, even thought they support Musharraf for the time being in the issues of Taliban and Tribal Areas.

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