Saudis Liberated

I came across an article after reading another Article about A book entitled “Banat Al-Riyadh” (The Girls of Riyadh) by Rajaa Al-Sanea. It is said to be very controversial and inciting alot of people.

Then i read the article on BBC about how Blogs and Internet has liberated the youth in Saudi Arabia from the Mullahs and Religious Autorities. It is interesting that one never sees this kind of activities in the open. Every thing about saudi arabia is very secretive and blurred. I know that the Western Media will only convey the news of the oppression of women and the youth. What i dont understand is “Is there nothing Good Happening in that country”. I am big supporter of saudi (I Think) but these kind of news make me think twice about my standing in these matter. Do the saudis really just do bad things or they do some good also. I hope the latter is true.

Well if any Saudi out there who is very neutral, drop me a line as i just want to hear the truth.

Arab news article is here

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