So Benazir made an Amazing discovery

She said that the relationship between Pakistan and Afgahnistan are getting worse.

I bet you had to be really smart to notice that. Well lemme put it straight If it was Musharraf, Benzair, Nawaz Sharif or Me as the leader of the pakistnai govt right now, my opposition would say the same. Everyone knows what Pakistan’s policy was in afghanistan, who trained and got Taliban into Afghanistan. we will never have good relations with a not friendly afghan govt. it is very visible that the current government is from the reminence of Northern Alliance which was once very india friendly and stuill are.

This has been the problem from Day one. An India friendly govt in afghanistan is pakistan’s nightmare. It has been true since the fall of Taliban. we knew the day we decided to part with the taliban that we will have an india friendly government in Kabul. Now they are allowed to take free swings at pakistan and we cannot do anything. ISI had created the Taliban to counter india’s influence in Afghanistan but sadly in 10 years or so the tables have turned and now it is exactly opposite to what they had wished for.

So Madam Benazir, live with the relaity and dont play politics with this issue. If you were in the office you would not have allowed the afghans to question our policies in pakistan and would have answered the way musharraf did to Karzai (and rightly so).

I never support Musharraf but i totally support his stance on Afghan statements about pakistan.

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