So He is dead

I was reading about the death of Slobodan Milosevic today as I opened up BBC. Was I sorry that he died in the manner he did, in a prison cell. I don’t think so; I think it was a mercy for him to die like that without going thru the trial or the punishment. This will provide a closure for the families of the dead but not accountability for butchering thousands of innocents during his time.

He got a not well deserved Death today in his prison cell but I pray he Rots in Hell.

from MSNBC
Though the witness testimony is on public record, history will be denied the judgment of a panel of legal experts weighing the evidence of his personal guilt and the story of his regime.

“It is a pity he didn’t live to the end of the trial to get the sentence he deserved,” Croatian President Stipe Mesic said.

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