So the outcome of Bush's Visit to Pakistan


I think that sums it up, not that I don’t love Pakistan but common, what was the whole trip to Pakistan about. I am sure it was about

Guys you are working good in the war of terror, but I like India better because they got a good economy, as for pakis you guys keep killing people, so no biscuits for you.

And pakis are like

Paki govt is like
OHH we are so glad you visited us. In your honor we house arrested the whole opposition leadership and Locked up the whole city. But please throw something our way other paki people will know that we are just your B******.


Well what ever the case it is very true we didn’t get anything out the trip of the US President. He came stayed and will be gone, Nothing more. Of course the deal given to India is very attractive and they rightly deserved it. Even if their political party is corrupt or whatever they work for their country, it is hard to find a lot of Pakistani politicians who are genuinely working for Pakistan. There is a handful but that is all. So we didn’t stand up for our self. The stigma of terrorism and nuclear proliferation is stuck with us. So no western govt will deal with us unless we have Oil :).
So the wrap it up, No Deal for you Pakiland, You been a bad boy and India has been good. Get democracy and educate your people. Start an IT boom and have tons of C++ programmers. Increase your population to have a strong 300 Million Middle class to attract investment and get rid of terrorism. Then you might get something.

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