State of our education

While browsing the Website for the higher education department at the ministry of education. i came to know we only have 47 universities in Pakistan accredited by HEC. Amazing isn’t it. We are the people were able to develop nukes and have one of the biggest armies but we don’t have enough institutions for higher education.

I was reading that India has more universities than all the universities combined. Why is that? Why we are so behind countries like India and China. We have a smaller country than these two and to have an infrastructure like them should be easier.

Is it because that we have a high military budget.(if we have a huge budget in billions for the military then why we didn’t have enough helicopters for the rescue ops during earth quake relief)

Is it due to the feudals still sucking the blood out of our country and they don’t want to have educated people in their lands.

Is it because our Political Leaders have become accustomed to raping our resources and economy.

Is it because we are not run by our people but by outside forces.

Just some food for the thought.

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