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Stick it to the Pakistanis

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Stick it more i say, Pakistanis need to be pushed to the limit to realize how to work for their country and get rid of likes of Zardari, Sharif and everyone else. The problem with¬†Pakistanis¬†is that we will live in our cocoon and let the leaders of the country get away with everything. Pakistan cannot be fixed without the people rising up and taking care of the corrupt, Leaders are strong because the masses are weak, if someone would deal with corrupt politicians in a matter that sets an example…read more


Moroccan airline bans prayer time

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Hmm i feel the end of time is very near, sadly the muslims are inviting the wrath of Allah. Moroccan airline bans prayer timeBy Richard HamiltonBBC News, Rabat Morocco’s state airline Royal Air Maroc has banned its staff praying at their offices and headquarters. The company says that in the past its workers have abused the privilege of praying, by taking too much time away from their desks and their customers. But the airline’s workers as well as Islamist politicians say it is part of a crackdown on their religious…read more