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Karachi and Pakistan (A Solution)

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When we hit a 1000 dead then maybe we will do something about it. Until then we will just sit and watch. I don’t get it, Pakistan as a nation had become so ineffective that we can’t even fix our own house. I think the word castrated comes to mind. Our Armed forces can’t deal with the issues of security, Pakistani people are confused about whom to ask for help, we hate American help but can’t live without it. It is like a drug addict in denial that he/she is…read more


MQM Fiasco in Karachi

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A lot of bytes already wasted online about the thugs who caused mass murder in Karachi on the 12th of May 2007. MQM has its roots in the exploitation of the Karachi public and migrants from India. Sadly Pakistan never welcomes the immigrants from India properly and the likes of Altaf Hussein benefited from the resentment left in the hearts of such communities. What happened in Karachi is very sad and shows how fragmented our society is now in Pakistan. To top it all, the unconditional support of the Federal…read more