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Bahrain (a thought)

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  This is a very confused rant which I put down in writing, I just didn’t know how to gather all facts and write them. So just read it. Initially I had been very much appalled by the news of the crackdown on the Bahraini Demonstrators; I thought, here was another regime that was trying to put down dissent. I was actively posting stories about how bad it was on my face book profile until I decided to take a step back and look at the whole geo political situation….read more



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Spending my life in parts has left me with no true friends I think. I lived in Pakistan until I was eleven and left all my school friends to move to Bahrain. Then spent my teenage years in Bahrain and made friends there. When it was time to move again, I had to leave all that. I moved back to Pakistan to a new adventure, without Email/Skype/Facebook during those days meant that those friends had better things to do. Leaving all behind in Bahrain was especially hard as all I…read more


Democracy (What the Heck)

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what does Democracy means, hmmm i dont feel like taking the meaning out of the Dictionary but it would be something along “right to elect leaders by the people” but guess what it is all wrong, it is a not true it actually is “Govt elected by the people which conforms to the ideology of the foreign super Powers”. now why would i say that, why would i torment the dead romans or Greeks who came up with this beautiful way of life, because it is a sham in these…read more


Islamabad vs Karachi

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After reading a post from meena and comments from her on my blog i thought lemme do some comparision between islamabad and karachi. i know i might step on alot of people’s toes and feet but i dont care i just think it would be interesting to do a small comparision day by day. History of Karachi and Islamabad Origin of KarachiThe area that now consists of Karachi was originally a group of small villages called Kalachi-jo-Kun. Any history of Karachi prior to the 19th century is sketchy. It is…read more