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India's shame

India’s shameBy Arundhati Roy Guardian Online Friday December 15, 2006 Five years ago this week, on December 13 2001, the Indian parliament was in its winter session. The government was under attack for yet another corruption scandal. 11.30 in the morning, five armed men in a white Ambassador car fitted out with an improvised explosive […]

Women of Pakistan

Induction of Female fighter Pilots, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well we couldn’t come up with anything else to empower women in Pakistan but to make 4 of them fighter pilots. I don’t disagree with this action but common this doesn’t do crap for Pakistani women. Islam has always given rights to women, so why don’t we start from […]

Mortgaging Children to barely survive in Indian Kashmir

BBC Link Also this times of india link Saw this report on BBC Urdu. Very depressing. India has become one of the biggest economies and leaders in Asia but after i read this article about how people in kashmir cannot afford to live and the govt doesnt help them, they have resorted to selling their […]