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NYPD spied on Muslim Student … REALLY

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Am I even surprised about this, this goes on as a norm in the American Society and there is no qualms about it, be it the constitution or any other law. As the laws are different for the poor or the second class citizens, the same is true for laws regarding terrorism. If the rich can get away with murder and minorities get stuck with long sentences for simple crimes, the same can be said about Muslims rights being trampled upon in the name of National Security. Before there was…read more



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Got this in email today THE PEACE AND JUSTICE FOUNDATION11006 Veirs Mill Rd, STE L-15, PMB 298Silver Spring, MD. 20902 IMPORTANT ALERT!!! Assalaamu Alaikum(Greetings of Peace): The struggle to control and manipulate images is one of the most critical components of an efficient propaganda war. The Zionists (and their complicit slaves) have repeatedly shown themselves to be ruthless masters at it! A couple of weeks ago a friend and brother-in-Islam (Dr Imad ad-Dean Ahmad) and I thought that we were going to the ONLY theater in metropolitan Washington to see…read more