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Misconceptions in Islam (Continued)

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Misconception 3 In Islam, women are inferior to men because: a man can marry up to 4 wives, a woman can marry only one man a man’s share of inheritance is bigger than a woman’s a man can marry a non-Muslim, a woman cannot women must wear the veil This widely held misconception does not remotely follow from the reasons given. The first and most important observation to make about the popular question “Are men and women equal?” is that it is a badly-formed, unanswerable question. The problem which many…read more


Misconceptions about Islam

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Misconception 2 In Islam, denial of human rights is OK because: Islam is against pure democracyIslam tolerates slavery The misconception does not follow from the reasons given, and the reasons ignore a great deal of information. As stated earlier, Islam is a complete way of life. Given this, it is not surprising that the Creator is concerned with the method which we choose to govern ourselves. The preeminent rule which the Islamic state must observe is stated in the Qur’an (translation follows): [4:59] O you who believe! Obey Allah, and…read more