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“When I was new in the USA.  One of the happiest day of my life was to be able to afford a pair of khakis from Walmart.  I thought I had achieved something big. It was a time when 15$ pants were hard to come by. Alhamdulillah such experiences are a reminder who I was. […]


Spending my life in parts has left me with no true friends I think. I lived in Pakistan until I was eleven and left all my school friends to move to Bahrain. Then spent my teenage years in Bahrain and made friends there. When it was time to move again, I had to leave all […]

Nuclear Iran

Well I am not going to speculate about a nuclear Iran, It was definitely be a problem for Muslims (Sunni I mean) who dont like Iran. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan I am sure won’t be happy with that fact. Maybe they might even help USA some how covert to stop Tehran from getting closer to […]

Beard in Islamic Republic of Pakistan's Armed Forces

I just read an article online on BBC urdu Ofcourse. it is amazing to see this kinda crap happening in pakistan. they fired an Airforce Officer for giving out Quran with urdu trans, they ground Airforce pilots for having beards, They fire people for things like this?? What kind of Armed forces we want, the […]

GW Poem

I came across the poem that has been causing a lot of stir in Pakistan. It is amazing to just try to understand that the Ministry of Education will look at provoking the public in such a manner. Pakistanis don’t feel very high about USA and then the policies of the current establishment have not […]