The Month of October

This month will be remmebered in Pakistan as one of the most unfortunate months in the history of Pakistan. Majority of the Military takeovers have happened in this month, either it was Ayub Khan or Musharraf, all took over Pakistan in this month. October 7th was the declaring of Martial Law that brought Ayub Khan to power, tomorrow it will be the anniversary of Pervaz Musharraf’s sucession to the post.

What have we seen during these seven turbulent years is that It has seen one of the most unpopular regimes in pakistan’s history. Alot of people agree and disagree at the handling of the War on Terror in Pakistan, the war in Waziristan, the troubles in Karachi and allaince with MQM, creation of PML Q and many more issues. Either it is Army’s taking over of the majority of the government ministries or the killing of tribal leaders.

This past Seven years has been constant trouble in pakistan, from Bomb Blasts to balouch uprising. from Book Launches to freedom of press. Alot has changed in pakistan now, some for good and some for maybe not that good. The poor has become more poor while the rich go out to get crores worth of real estate, where the Gas price has gone 2 fold to open leasing of Automobiles clogging up the nations roads. the devastating earth quake in kashmir whose aftermath has been marred with corruption to the Pakistani Cricket team making some progress. It has been interesting days and look even more interesting while watching it from a distance.

October will always have a special place in the heart of the motherland known as Pakistan.

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