the undeclared wars in muslim asia

Well I thought I will document the undeclared, below radar wars going on in the world. These are mostly IT wars and take place constantly online, in forums, sometimes spills out in real life also.

1. Shia Sunni:
Very evident it is happening in Iraq, Pakistan and quite a few places. Shias hate Sunnis and vice versa. It is also happening online, just visit any community related to shias on Orkut or sunnis, you will find evidence of such battles.

2. West and Muslim World
This one is also very clear with Iraq, Muslims fighting West’s presence in Iraq, also in Pakistan, Iran resisting US Pressure on Nuclear ambitions and so on. This was is not about religion but clash between values and societies, Their civilizations and cultures.

3. Islam and Christianity
This war has been on for quite a while. The influx of missionaries who try to convert people to Christianity and Muslims following suit. sometimes it erupts in bloody conflict like Lebanon or Nigeria.

4. India Pakistan
This is a proxy war which has been going on for a long time. With the Afghan conflict out of hand Pakistani still wage this undeclared war until God knows Who.

5. Saudi/Pakistan and Iran
To counter shia Islam the sunnis countries try to fight the shia Islam in Iran and now maybe Iraq. Iran has been sponsoring shia militancy in Pakistan for quite a while. Saudi Arabia has supported Sunni militant groups in Pakistan for a long time.

6. China and India
These two powers have had clashed once and now fight unconventional wars between each other. China supports Pakistan in its efforts to match India’s might and china also achieves its hidden agenda also against India at the same time.

7. America and China
The war of economy and communism vs. capitalism goes on. China is being fought now by helping India.

8. Israel and Muslim World
The centuries old conflict with Jerusalem in the middle and Israeli occupancy also happening at the same time. Israel has USA on its side and non one can beat them economically or militarily.

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