The whole issue of cartoon and Insult to Prophet Muhammad

After this whole issue started, I started doing some research online about the issue. I came across quite a few sites which were more offensive than the cartoon originally done by the Danish newspaper. It seems that people hate Muslims quite a lot in certain parts of the world.
I wouldn’t include the links to the following stupid sites as we are not like them. We should tolerate such actions and it is ignorance on the part of such people who have such sites just to offend Muslims.
The blog called The Study of Revenge on blogspot was very offensive and includes a non acceptable image of the prophet.
Then there is a site called Muhammad Believe it or Else is very offensive.
Muhammad’s Image Archive on zombie online had quite a lot of images and most of them are offensive but interestingly quite a few are from Persian cultures. (I don’t know what the Persians wanted by drawing the Prophet’s Images)
Aarons Blog or funny images whatever you want to call it is useless and a clear hate site. Although it seems he is a Jew so I guess he takes it as his God given right to do blasphemy. (Sore Loser)

There are too many sites out there and this has been going on for quite a while. Sadly there are worse cartoons done in the past than the ones in the Danish paper. I would just hope and pray that Muslims understand their position in this world and give attention to stuff that is more serious. I don’t imply that the cartoon are not a serious issue, they are very serious but the scholars of Islam are there to judge the position and I have not heard of a single fatwa about this issue. Until then we can protest but killings and torching tells the world that we are savages. As for these cartoon makers Inshallah Allah will deal with them in the after life and on the Day of Judgment.

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