Tragedy at Nishtar Park

What can i say about this. This is the highest level of incompetence at the government level and te agency levels. The right questions have been asked which are the amount of security provided, the amount of security present and the failure of provincial govt.

The questions arise about who could have done such an act. There will be alot of answers. It is clearly an attempt to spark a sectarian level violence between Shias and sunnis. but in my opinion i think it was an attempt by some govt or provincial govt level agency to make a point. they did succeed in killing soo many Sunni Leaders.

Did MQM gain from it or
Did India do this in response to recent attacks on their religious establishments.
Did shias actually do it.

What amazes me is the courage of Mr. Nawaz Sharif to use this horrific event for his political advantage. ?He used this event to call for the removal of the current government. This amazes me and pisses me off also. Mr Sharif if you cant make people feel better then make their life miserable. Use some other time to call for the govt’s removal. How many bombings were you able to stop.

we might not know or never know as the identity ofsuicide bombers is really hard to find, same is the case in the Embassy Bombing in khi recently and imam bar gah bombing in the past. but whatever happened didnt happen right and i pray to allah we find the people behind it, either they are in power or feorign powers, I hope they are brought to justice. Inshallah

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