Trouble in Balouchistan

Reading about the Death of Nawab Akbar Bugti is really sad; he is most probably a shaheed. But will this solve the problems in Baluchistan or escalate them more now.

The world is not as black and white as the army would see it. Balouch have been taken advantage of for the last 50 years and they need their fair share of their wealth. These problems can never be solved with killings or Military actions but they are to be solved with negotiations and political solutions. I never doubt the sincerity of the Balouch Nationals or the military. They both want the problems solved but the way of achieving them is not the proper way.

First of all the people of the land should get their share, there is no doubt about it. We cannot abuse the actual inhabitants of the land. We do belong to the union and that union is good as long as all the members of the union are equal. Punjab is no more superior or any other province than any other province superior over Punjab. All are equal and deserve to gain from their lands.

Federal government and the military have been dealing with this situation in the wrong manner. They should just do the following and I think it would make things easier.

The share of the profits from Sui and all projects originating from Baluchistan should be given to Balouchs. This share should not discriminate among the Sardars or the people.

Schools, Hospitals, Universities and all the basic requirements of a decent life should be provided so these people can live with dignity.

The employment preferences and higher level positions are national projects operating in Baluchistan should be given to Balouchs.

Army should be removed from cities and should be less involved in these projects.

Remember to gain respect one has to give respect and that is what lacks in our policies towards our own people. No wonder they don’t want to stay with the union.

I guess these actions if taken should be able to reduce the friction between the parties.

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