Two Nation Theory

Two Nation Theory and the never ending learning of the concept in our Pakistan Studies class was always torturous but now looking back at it. It seems that Quaid-e-Azam was right. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was correct and had good sight of the issues that Muslims will face in a united India. Now India under the BJP government is proving it daily. Attacks on Muslims have increased many folds. They are being stopped from practicing their religion in public. Even public display of prayer is considered unacceptable. sometimes it is hijab

Everyday there is news about the oppression of the majority on the minority and it is not just Muslims, but Christians and Buddhists.

The international media is also starting to take notice on the issues Muslims face in India. Indian government can ignore or deny all this but the reality is much different. What happened in Gujrat and the ramifications of the genocide that occurred and the resulting ban of Modi into USA was due to the same policies that were enacted in Gujrat India under Modi and now being implemented in Inida at a national Level.

The Final Solution

Whatever the future holds for muslims in inidia, it is not going to be good for them. Kashmir and now the fire spreads to rest of the country. Modi who is considered a war criminal in on his way to be the next Hitler at best, Facist at minimum. Friend of the apartheid.

This is a good link to understand what Two Nation Theory is all about.

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