Women of Pakistan

Induction of Female fighter Pilots, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Well we couldn’t come up with anything else to empower women in Pakistan but to make 4 of them fighter pilots. I don’t disagree with this action but common this doesn’t do crap for Pakistani women. Islam has always given rights to women, so why don’t we start from allowing them have basic human rights. What do I mean by that you ask?

Well stuff like the following

1. Right to live a decent life.
2. Right to marry and ask for a divorce at will.
3. Right to work.
4. Right to question the society.
5. Right to live as a human being.

Ok I am sure you are thinking that what the heck are you saying, you have always written conservative religious crap but lemme assure the people here that I think the same till now.

The problem is that in Pakistan we have fused religion with Culture. If we look at the status of women during the time of the Prophet Pbuh. That society was much liberal than a lot of conservative societies nowadays and very conservative as compared to the liberal ones right now.
This means the golden middle path that Islam has always taught us and asks us to follow. Women have had rights from day one when Islam came and women were empowered to do all that is allowed in Islam. They did business, they had a say in their marriage, there were no honor killings, and they fought in wars but what has changed now in these times. What has changed is the corruption of religion in certain societies by the hand of culture. Some cultural aspects are very good but some are really bad and we see the bad one prevalent in Pakistani Culture.

The tradition of Karo Kari, honor killings, forced marriages, unable to divorce from a bad relationship, treatment of divorced or widows and so on. These have had no space in our culture but have come from the Hindu culture which was and still prevalent in sub continent. We try to compete with India in all acts of life, from being very progressive to TV vulgarism to Military might and so on.

Why do we do this because we tend to turn away from the core teachings of Islam? Islam teaches us all sort of good things but punishment for the bad things is also severe. The laws in Islam are very strict just to make sure those forbidden acts don’t happen. It has been made so easy to commit a sin rather than live a good pious life because the culture doesn’t let people so.

So I guess we await the day when we can decide that what do we actually want, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan or The Republic of Pakistan.

Let’s not cheat our selves.

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